Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Putin Bascially tells Obama "F U" Not coming to U.S for G8 meeting This month.

WOW, Well I guess Putin basically decided to tell Obama "F U". He called Obama today and said he is not coming to the G-8 meeting that has been planned since last year in the U.S. at Camp David (was going to be Chicago originally) this month (May 18th-19th).

For a head of state to pull out of a G-8 meeting is unheard of, especially at the last minute.  Putin told Obama it is because he has to get his cabinet together.  Considering Putin knew that he was going to be President again in Russia, I would think he already knew who his cabinet was going to be in his administration.

To me, this is a blatant FU to Obama.  Lets remember that Obama was caught in an opened mic telling Medvedev that he would have more lee way when he was re-elected and to let Putin know that. 

So what ever it is that Obama is suppose to be doing for Putin and not having the flexibility to do so until after the election has obviously pissed off Putin.

Things sure are interesting in the political world right now.  It seems that there is splintering all over in Europe and now Russia is going to ignore Obama.

From the article linked:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin is skipping a planned visit to the United States this month for an economic summit and a much-anticipated meeting with President Barack Obama, the White House announced Wednesday.

Neither the White House nor the Kremlin had discussed the change in plans until Wednesday, but a White House official said National Security Adviser Tom Donilon was informed of it when he visited Putin and other Russian officials in Moscow last week.

There was no immediate confirmation of the change in plans from the Kremlin.

Putin took power this week, returning after six years to a post he had previously held for two terms. He made sharp criticism of the United States a central theme in his election, but it is not clear whether he will pull back from cooperation with the United States in several areas begun by former President Dmitry Medvedev.

Update - 3:02 PM 5/10/12 - Bloomberg has an article about it now.  Says Putin snubbed Obama and did not want to be seen fraternizing with him. 


  1. The problem is that Obobo has been thinking that he's the real thing; Obobo has bought his own lies. Obobo is confusing that acting cool mean smart/wise/intelligent. The sad fact is Obobo is anthing but being wise/intelligent. A smartass is anything but a smartass

    1. Quote: A smartass?? No a dumbass!

    2. ahem...
      "do not assume" guys...
      do not assume someone has the same "taste" as you...
      how do ya know he'd like to f...k the "prez"?!
      maybe he wanted to simply say, as they say in the e.u. ...
      "financial union"... ehhh...

    3. It's too bad that such juvenile comments are allowed here.

  2. Putin I like.
    Lets hope he asks for Obama's original birth certificate before he deals with him again.
    Not much use Putin wasting his time on an American so-called but bogus president - is there?
    One who is deliberately funding dissent against Putin to boot.
    Yes, Mr Putin I like - he has style and is a legitimately elected President.
    Obama is a fraud and Romney won't be any better.
    The fraud being used against Ron Paul is monumental and already shows how little regard Americans have for democracy.
    Obama and Romney are a complete and utter sham and their exceptance by the people shames a nation.

  3. A real man with balls of a bull-Putin :^)

  4. ...birth certificates??? Who the hell cares?? The Bushes were both Bastards when they were in office AND they STILL ARE outside of it. WTF??!! Let's get real here, certificates like ANY gov't issued note is just that P A P E R, ain't worth Jack Shit at the end of the day! A Fkn certificate ISN'T going to make OBOMBER less of a Bastard than the Bushes of this world gonna!!! Ain't gonna bring back the folks they wilfully sent to WAR to KILL and DIE on THEIR behalf, nor the Civiliand whom they murdered just because. Take a long HARD look at the NON-existant health care, the housing "crisis", the banking "crisis" that these Bastards CREATED, BUT can FIND X-dollars for War Mongering and tell us if a fkn certificate is worth jack shit at the end of the day!

    1. So like the Obama administration you have absolutely no respect or regard for the US Constitution.
      I am amazed you admit it.

    2. certificate is a red herring--the fact that his purported fater was a British citizen, and he himself admits to being a British citizen at birth, is all the NOT "natural born citizen", ie, of two citizen parents, needed to make him a usurper.
      Please Mr. Putin, break the paper dollar as the world's reserve currency, and force the bankster elite to retreat from buying the world with keystrokes and pretty green paper, while we the people see rising prices with each unbacked dollar printed or loaned into existence , diluting the value of the ones we save and spend.

    3. What could be of greater international importance and of the greatest constitutional concern for all Americans than the fact that the POTUS is ineligible to hold the office of President and thus all legislation passed is void, all international treaties and agreements are void, all edicts are void, the US military have not been acting under the legitimate orders of a President but of a Usurper and are consequently guilty, individually, of mass war crimes.....
      The list goes on.
      The most shocking and important event both nationally and internationally since the declaration of independence and the defeat of the British..
      Get your snout out of your greedy concern over the dollar and start looking at your bogus president and your constitution.
      Not only is he an impostor but a common criminal.
      Issuing forged documents from the WH itself.
      Using a fake ID.
      You either believe in the Connstitution and the rule of law or you belong in Zimbabwe, the Congo.

  5. Putin's intelligence report told him there will be a false flag during the summit. Hence, he will not go.

  6. I don't EVER re-call the bushes etc respecting the CON-stitution, Period! Go and RE-gurgate your Pig Swill to those WHO LIVE in TENT City or those who have NO health care!!. Every, EVERY president of amerika was and IS Bogus, WHY, because the land they Obnoxiously Presummed to claim as "theirs" was IN FACT already OWNED by the Native People ALREADY Living there. Which makes YOU, a Stuck-on-Stupid VERY Bogus individual indeed!!

  7. There was a time when men and women in this country discoursed with class. Look at the gratuitously disrespectful and vulgar level of the interactions here. The country is indeed doomed.

    1. Yes and there was a time that elected officials (last century) actually did the job they were paid for by the taxpayers of the country and conducted business "For the People" instead of for themselves/corporations and banks. It sure is sad how we don't have any elected officials worth respecting anymore.

    2. Well Said, Sherrie! Too many people want to Pretend that either everything is a passing faze, Ignore the ugly truths...cutting to the chase, maybe many of these gov't supports have never seen the children in Tent City simply sitting in front of their family"homes" without an expression on their faces OR the hired-out Thugs, (who weren't even born) in the airports abuse the elderly, many of whom worked their arses off in the fifties just to keep homes , the economy going!!!! Children screaming as these thugs feel up peoples children. I guess THEY DON'T travel!ANYWHERE!

    3. hey, sherrie...

      still paying taxes?!
      well, if ya talk the talk...

  8. Putin is awesome. I want his babies.